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McGlinchey Method Sales Professional Evaluation

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Results Format: Sales Profile OR Pre-employment Profile
Sales Type: Business-to-Business OR Consumer

NOTE: You can select only ONE answer per question, and must fill in every question.

1. People in my life who know me the best would describe me as:
a. Charming, fun-loving
b. Focused, driven
c. Even-tempered, tolerant
d. Cautious, detail-oriented

2. I would describe myself as:
a. Charming, fun-loving
b. Focused, driven
c. Even-tempered, tolerant
d. Cautious, detail-oriented

3. Prospects and buyers usually:
a. Disclose their budget
b. Don't share their budget with salespeople
c. Understate their budget
d. Lie about their budget

4. When I'm aware of other sales professionals in my industry who make more money than I do, I generally think:
a. I consider them to be lucky
b. I'm envious of them
c. I'm happy for them
d. I want to be like them

5. A good day as a salesperson is:
a. Closing a sale
b. Developing new referral sources
c. Getting paid
d. Following your plan

6. If marooned on a desert island with a group of people, the most valuable role I could play would be:
a. Help take charge of the situation
b. Use logic, critical thinking and organizational skills to improve the situation
c. Keep everyone’s spirits up, provide positive reinforcement
d. Be the peacemaker, keep the group unified and working together

7. The most satisfying thing about sales is:
a. Flexible schedule
b. Emotional highs
c. Making money
d. Helping others

8. The most effective way to develop new business is:
a. Networking and marketing
b. Emails and faxes
c. Target and mass mail
d. Using the telephone to contact prospects to set up appointments

9. When I make a major purchase, my decision process is:
a. Who else do I know that has made this same purchase?
b. Personal recommendations, guarantees
c. Research, evaluation
d. Quick, based on gut-feelings

10. When the economy is tough, and it becomes a little more difficult to make sales, the best thing to do is:
a. Offer deeper discounts and better terms
b. Be creative
c. Increase time spent on cold calling
d. Improve the quality of products and services

11. The most important quality to be successful in sales is:
a. Commitment
b. Having a good attitude
c. Being knowledgeable
d. Having good communication skills

12. If my career is more successful than most of my friends and family:
a. I feel a little uncomfortable around them
b. They feel a little uncomfortable around me
c. I try to downplay my success
d. It's irrelevant, I don't think about it or worry about it

13. My compensation as a salesperson is:
a. Important
b. One of many important factors
c. The most important thing
d. Money generally takes care of itself if you are happy with what you are doing

14. In a social setting, if I have recently met someone and disagree with their opinion, I am most likely to:
a. Challenge and debate what they are saying
b. Withhold my opinion and give no indication how I feel
c. Have a pleasant discussion and avoid a heated debate
d. Ignore the person and/or the conversation

15. A sales presentation is:
a. Given to all the key decision makers
b. A total solution to solve their problem
c. Both audio and visual
d. Something I try to avoid

16. If my prospect asks for a written quotation or a proposal:
a. I will not prepare one and will try another approach - unless I am pretty sure I am going to win the business anyway
b. I will try to be the last one to submit - giving me the opportunity to gather valuable information about what the competition is proposing
c. I want to make sure my quotation or proposal is the best one the prospect receives
d. I will see if I can deliver it in conjunction with a face-to-face presentation

17. Based not on your physical skills, but rather your emotional make up, if you were the member of a football team, would you see yourself as:
a. Team captain
b. Quarterback
c. The ultimate team player
d. Coach

18. The best way to convince your prospects is through:
a. Statements of fact
b. Presentations
c. Questions
d. References

19. If my income jumped 50% next year, I would:
a. Be honest with myself about the possibilities of doing this again next year
b. Feel proud and be happy with this accomplishment
c. Now consider that to be my new minimum standard
d. Be realistic about the downside of higher quotas and higher expectations for next year

20. In sales, my greatest strength is my:
a. Ability to work smart
b. Willingness to do whatever it takes
c. Ability to understand and communicate effectively
d. Ability to think outside the box

21. Sales is:
a. Strategy
b. Understanding people
c. Communication skills
d. A numbers game

22. Of the qualities listed below which response best describes you:
a. Creative, innovative
b. Accepted, recognized
c. Leadership, command
d. Loyal, diplomatic

23. I consider most prospects to be:
a. Truthful - unless they prove to me that they are not truthful
b. Self-serving - therefore, honesty or dishonesty is a moot point
c. Untruthful - unless they prove to me that they are truthful
d. Honest or dishonest based on my gut instinct

24. Goals should be:
a. High but realistic
b. Unreachable - or else they were set too low
c. Reasonable enough that they can be surpassed
d. A journey not a destination

25. When facing a difficult situation, I generally:
a. Try to remain unemotional
b. Try to focus on the positives
c. See things in black and white
d. Try to think outside the box

26. A perfect sales job is:
a. Commission only
b. Salary plus commission
c. Healthy salary
d. Salary plus incentives

27. Which answer best describes your prospecting activities:
a. Five to twelve hours on a weekly basis
b. An hour or more on a daily basis
c. Three or more hours on a daily basis
d. More than twelve hours on a weekly basis

28. Generally, the best way to get something done is to:
a. Seek input and opinions before beginning
b. Plan the project before executing
c. Do it yourself
d. Find others to help you with the task

29. I would describe my opportunities in the marketplace as:
a. Adequate
b. Less than adequate
c. Limited
d. Tough to find

30. If my prospects, clients or customers really like me, it is:
a. Somewhat important
b. Very important
c. Helpful
d. Irrelevant

31. One thing I strongly dislike is:
a. Recklessness
b. Indecisiveness
c. Confrontation
d. Isolation

32. Corporations buy products and services:
a. Due to an obvious need
b. In order to stay ahead of their competition
c. Because they are trying to solve a problem
d. As a result of the vendor or supplier's value proposition

33. The best way to overcome failure is to:
a. Be more strategic
b. Avoid losing situations
c. Be more organized
d. Tough it out and keep trying

34. When my prospect stalls or delays their decision-making process:
a. It's a part of sales - I try to win marathons not sprint races
b. I will ask some tough questions to find out why
c. Being too aggressive at this point in the sales process is often the death of a salesman
d. It's usually a sign that my value proposition needs to be reinforced or restated

35. The reputation my company has in the marketplace is:
a. Critical to my success
b. Very important
c. Important but not critical
d. Irrelevant

36. If my prospects, clients or customers really like me, it is:
a. Somewhat important
b. Very important
c. Helpful
d. Irrelevant

37. During the sales process, when discussions take place about money or budgets:
a. More often than not it indicates that money will become an issue or a sticking point
b. I treat it like any other part of the sales process
c. I try to get them refocused on problem-solving or value propositions
d. I become a little bit uncomfortable

38. Typically, the most successful salespeople are:
a. Extroverts
b. Egomaniacs
c. Motivated by money
d. Motivated by recognition

39. My goals are:
a. What I plan on achieving
b. What I realistically hope to achieve
c. Very important
d. My hopes and dreams

40. When I'm cold-calling and I reach someone's voice mail, I:
a. Leave a short message about myself, my company and my product
b. Leave a detailed message about myself, my company and my product
c. Give them at least two good times when they can call me back
d. Hang up and don't leave a message

41. As a salesperson, it’s very important to:
a. Have a systematic and organized method to achieve results
b. Get results and achieve your quota
c. Maintain a strong relationship with your customer base
d. Provide value to your customers

42. More often than not, an unsuccessful sales career is due to a lack of:
a. Commitment
b. A positive attitude
c. Direction
d. Skills

43. Going around my prospect, or over my prospect's head, in the selling process:
a. Is something I'm certainly willing to do provided I have my boss's blessing
b. Is something I'm willing to do, if I don't think I'm going to win
c. Will probably not change things anyway
d. Will seal my fate and probably keep me from ever doing business there

44. When I cold call and prospect, I:
a. Try to get the prospect to engage in a meaningful conversation
b. Try to establish bonding and rapport quickly
c. Use a tactical and canned approach
d. Roll with the punches and think on my feet

45. With regard to conversation on a typical sales call, I do about:
a. 30% of the talking
b. 50% of the talking
c. 80% of the talking
d. However much is necessary

46. If management gives me instructions or a method to follow, and I disagree with the method, I will:
a. Work my own method, knowing that results rather than process is the bottom line
b. Work with management to help them understand and correct the flaw in the process
c. Try to follow management’s instructions and methods, if at all possible
d. Follow their directions and assume they have more knowledge and experience than I do

47. When I'm in a competitive selling situation, and the competition's prices are much lower than mine:
a. I'm going to hold firm and sell value, and if I lose, so be it
b. Most of the time, I realize I will have to reduce my margins in order to win the business
c. I may reduce my margin or price but I'm not going to try to match the competition
d. I don't want to take any chances, therefore I'm going to reduce my price to match or beat my competitor

48. When a prospect says they are not interested, I:
a. Critique what I may have done wrong
b. Try to get a referral anyway
c. Hang in and try another approach
d. Move on and find another prospect

49. Generally speaking, a salesperson's average day consists of:
a. Finding new avenues to develop business
b. Planned activities
c. Too many non-sales activities
d. Putting out fires

50. Doing what you really don't want to do, or doing what you really don't enjoy:
a. Indicates you should consider a career or job change
b. Can wear you down emotionally and negatively affect your career or job
c. Is something I try to avoid
d. Is a part of life

51. I like to be managed by people who:
a. Are intelligent and knowledgeable
b. Are consistent and fair
c. Show leadership and courage
d. Are motivating and easy-going

52. Before I invest valuable time in working a deal or developing new business, I:
a. Get the process started and see where it takes me
b. Realistically assess my chances for success
c. Research who the most likely competition will be
d. Determine what obstacles I’m going to face

53. In sales, I consider myself:
a. Not overly competitive
b. Highly competitive
c. Competitive but balanced
d. To be diplomatic

54. Salespeople should:
a. Be a little less enthusiastic than their prospects
b. Be more enthusiastic than their prospects
c. Show the same amount of enthusiasm or lack of enthusiam as their prospects
d. Enthusiasm in sales is irrelevant

55. The hardest people for me to do business with or make a sale to people who are:
a. Aggressive and domineering
b. Eager and talkative
c. Weak or indecisive
d. Cautious and analytical

56. The best way to be productive is:
a. Be aware, active and diligent
b. Pay attention to the large details, don't sweat the small details
c. Establish good networking and referral sources
d. Devise and follow a strategic plan

57. The toughest thing I have to deal with in a competitive selling situation is:
a. Overcoming politics and relationships
b. Trying to determine how I can get an edge
c. Selling the values of my company vs. the competition
d. Overcoming the competition's price or discount structure

58. When I don't close the sale, it is most often because:
a. My price was not competitive
b. My product was lacking
c. I wasn't effective enough
d. There was a relationship with one of my competitors

59. The statement which best describes me is:
a. A passion for success
b. Pay close attention to small details
c. When the going gets tough, the tough get going
d. Don’t sweat the small stuff

60. Salespeople who are committed are:
a. Consistent
b. Well-disciplined
c. Adaptable
d. Determined

61. In sales, there's no such thing as:
a. Asking too many questions
b. An unbiased opinion
c. Hearing the word no too many times
d. Weak competitors

62. My prospecting goals are based on:
a. Dialing the phone XX number of times per day
b. Spending XX amount of time daily
c. Setting XX number of appointments per day
d. Spending as much of my free time as I can on prospecting

63. Since I am a professional salesperson, as a buyer and a consumer:
a. I'm tough and demanding
b. I like to find a bargain
c. I make it easier on salespeople from whom I am buying
d. I do research and proceed with caution

64. I would describe my income during the past few years as:
a. Adequate
b. Terrific
c. Where it should be
d. Less than I would like

65. My single greatest asset in sales is my ability to:
a. Establish bonding and rapport
b. Be persistent
c. Educate and present
d. Stay organized

66. Most of the sales managers who have managed me:
a. Have been an important factor in my success or failure
b. Haven't really impacted my success or failure
c. Haven't given me enough help and support
d. Did not have a total understanding of the results they were expecting

67. When my prospects or buyers procrastinate:
a. I convey logical reasons why they need more of a sense of urgency
b. If I'm on the right track, I don't worry about it
c. I realize it's part of the process - impatient salespeople often shoot themselves in the foot
d. I don't put up with it

68. My goals reflect:
a. My money motivation
b. My hopes and dreams
c. My life plan
d. My company's expectations

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