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Q: Tired of wondering why your sales force is not achieving higher success? Want to reproduce your greatest salespeople in the hiring process?

Had enough of your team blaming you, the company, the competition and the economy for their lackluster results?

Isn't it time to understand and fix the problems and issues that limit sales performance?

A: If you want your sales force to improve, you must have an evaluation tool to get the process started.

Mark McGlinchey is one of the foremost experts in the area of testing and evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, skills and shortcomings of professional salespeople. He has used this vast knowledge to develop the McGlinchey Method Sales Evaluation. This test helps COMPASS GROUP SOLUTIONS help its clients create a targeted training program focusing on areas requiring the greatest improvement. The McGlinchey Method Sales Evaluation is also a valuable tool in the hiring process. It gives sales management the ability to understand 'who to hire' or who to avoid hiring.

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Small Compass What We're Discovering

Personal Constitution: Personal Constitution is a combination of both behavior and beliefs. This determines who a person is, how they think and how they act. In short, not everyone is built for a successful sales career.

The Right Stuff: Intangible x-factors for sales success are elements that must be present in order to affect growth and change. In order to improve, a salesperson must have enough strength in the areas of Passion, Commitment and Perspective.

Missing Pieces: These missing pieces are landmines hidden below the surface, which can disrupt a salesperson and prevent them from being successful. These missing pieces usually manifest themselves in the form of baggage, irrelevant goals and an unclear direction. In most cases, missing pieces a devastating effect on a salesperson's ability and willingness to prospect.

Sales Skills: The McGlinchey Method evaluates eight crucial selling skills. By determining which skills the salesperson has mastered, and which skills need to be developed, we can help customize training to meet your sales force's needs.

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Small Compass Benefits

1. Help the sales management team understand how to coach and manage each salesperson more effectively.

2. Determine the ongoing training needs and the areas which require the most work for each sales person.

3. Determine each sales person's growth potential, thus helping management spend their time, money and energy with the right salespeople.

4. Develop standards, which can be used in the hiring process to determine if a candidate is a good fit for your organization and to predict likelihood for success

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